How to write Quality Comment

Today I will show you how to write a Quality Comment. Here is what you need to do to write a Quality Comment

Quality Comments include..

  •   Compliment writer- be specific
  • Add factual information
  • make a connection- stay focused on the blogger , not yourself
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Get a little conversation going
  • Prove read your comment!

about my avatar

 I chose my avatar because my hair is brown and it is curly! I chose my background because it is my second favorite color too! I chose the sun glasses  because at home that kinda same pair. I chose my clothes because I have a purple shirt like that because I kinda have the same color shirt. I chose my eye color because I have hazel colored eyes.

All About Me

Hi my name is Paisley I live in Colchester ,Vermont. my favorite things to do is Soccer,drawing,and playing with my sisters. my favorite color are blue,red,light green,pink. I have a dog named Molly. Molly  makes me feel happy. she is about 4 years old. I also have 3 sisters. there names are Shylo, Jessy, and Gillian and my cousin Kenneth. I am the 4th oldest. I have a mom. her name is Amy. I used to play soccer last spring I played soccer with my little sister Jessy. we loved to play soccer but now I don’t  like playing soccer on a team anymore. I like playing with my all of my friends at school. my favorite subject in school is genius hour and a little bit of math, reading and writing. I like when it is the weekend because I get to stay up till  11:30 to watch a movie or play with my sisters. when my sister has soccer in the morning and my mom says that it is my turn to go I stay up late as I can then so i’m  so tired I couldn’t wake up at like 7:30 in the morning. so my sister Shylo had to go with my mom to Jessy’s soccer games and practicing.